Appliance Repair Vancouver

Appliance Repair Vancouver, Aplus Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair Vancouver

Aplus Appliance Repair has the best of technicians who are specially trained to deal with appliance repair with varying degree of complexity. Our core focus remains to provide innovative and customized solutions to all our customers aimed at completing ahead of the agreed timeline.

Aplus Appliance Repair Vancouver takes pride in showcasing the expertise and technical knowledge of its appliance repair engineers. We strongly believe that our engineers are the biggest assets in driving growth for the company. They are not only technically well-equipped but also plays a pivotal role in customer interaction and retention.

Our hiring process is extremely rigorous and centers around on hiring the best candidates after thorough screening in subject knowledge, customer service, and field exposure. We ensure the moment they hit the field; it doesn’t take much time to prove their mettle.

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How does it work?

We recommend you to call Aplus Appliance Repair the moment your appliance stops working instead of panicking. Get our phone number on speed dial and reach our 24/7 technical helpline if you experience difficulty in using your appliances. Based on your inputs they will measure the complexity of the problem and provide you with a quick solution. Apart from that, you will get a free estimate over the phone to get your appliances up and running.

Appliance Repair

Aplus Appliance Repair appliance repair service  Vancouver is a trusted brand name in the appliance repair industry. We have delighted a huge number of customers by providing personalized and expert repair services.

Fridge Repair Services

A refrigerator is one of the essential home appliances with various sizes, types, and brands. Their repair and maintenance require trained hands and analytical minds to identify the root cause and provide a legit solution.

Washer Repair Services

Aplus Appliance Repair  Vancouver has the necessary expertise in offering repair, maintenance, and in-premise installation services for different brands and types of washers.

Stove Repair Services

We have a dedicated team of stove repair technicians who are adept and qualified to repair gas stove of different sizes, shapes, and brands in record time and utmost precision.

Dryer Repair Services

Electric or gas dryers go through daily wear and tear process due to their constant use. Therefore, they need regular servicing, timely repair and parts replacement. Aplus Appliance Repair’s engineers are highly trained and equipped with the latest technology and process knowledge to ensure the best repair services for your dryers.

Dishwasher Repair

At Aplus Appliance Repair, our engineers prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. The moment we get a call from our customer, we ensure it gets attended on the same day with a solution-focused approach. Our expert technicians are capable of handling repair issues of all home appliances starting from refrigerators to washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and other high-tech household gadgets.

Why choose us?


  • A team of certified engineers to guide you on every appliance repair. They will act as your consultants by telling you if your appliance is worth fixing or it has to be replaced
  • Our engineers are highly specialized in repairing every appliance brand along with their spare parts
  • Round-the-clock and emergency appliance repair service
  • Ensure the finest repair quality at a pocket-friendly price










Aplus Appliance Repair is a reliable Canadian appliance repair company proudly serving its loyal customers for more than ten years. We strive to have a professional work delivery to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Appliance Repair Vancouver, Aplus Appliance Repair

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