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Aplus Appliance Repair has established its footprint in North Vancouver 10 years back. Over so many years it has understood the market and deployed its resources strategically to drive and sustained growth. With time Aplus Appliance Repair has gained the trust of the customers and increased its customer base in a rapid pace. Our customer-focused approach and the high-quality repair output has put us miles ahead of our competition. If you are looking for a trusted and reputed home appliance repair company, call Aplus Appliance Repair today at (604) 357-3669. We will understand your issue and give you a free cost estimate. Moreover, an experienced engineer will be allocated to your residence or office to resolve the repair issue.

Our Appliance Repair Services

Aplus Appliance Repair has the most decorated home appliance care, repair, and service division is catering to Vancouver and surrounding areas in . Our engineers are capable of repairing household appliances of all major brands.

Aplus Appliance Repair has a strong team of skilled technicians for every kind of home appliance repair and service in and around North Vancouver. Our engineers are highly talented and specially trained to deal with the repair issue with every major appliance brand.

Our repair services are as follows:


Fridge Repair

The refrigerator has become part and parcel of our life. It keeps the food items safe and intact by keeping them within a specific temperature. Refrigerators typically have different makes and model. As a result, it may require high maintenance at times. Aplus Appliance Repair recommends our customers to call our expert technicians to fix any fridge repair issues, the moment they encounter one.


Washer Repair

Aplus Appliance Repair North Vancouver has a team of experienced technicians to deal with maintenance, repair, and spare parts installation and replacement for different types, models and brands of washers.


Stove Repair

Stoves require special care and timely maintenance whether operated in gas or electric. Aplus Appliance Repair has a separate team of knowledgeable engineers who are proficient in dealing with the technical problems of stoves of every brand and model.


Dryer Repair

Dryers go through regular wear and tear due to extensive use in every residence. It requires periodic maintenance and timely repair if any issues are found. Aplus Appliance Repair recommends its customers to call us every three months to have a thorough check of your dryer and washer.


Dishwasher Repair Vancouver

Dishwasher has made life easy for the residents of North Vancouver. It comes in limited options with overly complicated features and technology. Our engineers have the required skill and knowledge to diagnose the problems of all dishwasher brands and repair with long term solution.


he customers of Aplus Appliance Repair North Vancouver always voiced their support and showered us with continuous encouragement and appreciation. It helped us grow as a brand by nurturing our talents and still keeping our customers’ interest first. Their satisfaction has been reflected in numerous positive and inspiring online reviews. Let’s look at some of them:

My refrigerator was not cooling correctly since the last 4-5 days. I tried everything in my knowledge and after reading a few online blogs but failed. Before the situation went out of my control, I had to call an experienced repair service provider who could fix my issue. My brother told me to go ahead with Aplus Appliance Repairs; they are quite reputed. I immediately called them to book an engineer visit. Their in-house customer response team understood the issue and readily allocated a service engineer. The engineer was knowledgeable and dealt with the topic with the utmost care and precision. He not only fixed my fridge but got me signed up for an AMC the benefit of which was already felt by me. Thanks, Aplus Appliance Repair for everything.
Christopher MullinixHome Owner
While washing the utensils, I suddenly saw that water is taking a long time to drain. Initially, I tried to check the possibility of clogs in the water outlet of the machine but couldn’t find any. Without further assistance from a professional repair company, it was difficult to diagnose and treat the problem on time. After thorough online research, I came across the credentials of Aplus Appliance Repair and appointed them to fix my dishwasher. They allocated one engineer, and he was prompt to visit my place. He took less than half an hour to identify and rectify the dishwasher issue. I must say they went beyond my expectation in terms of ensuring the best possible repair solution. Kudos to their effort.
Sharon ChristmanHome Owner
My dishwasher was giving a screechy sound while operating at its maximum ability. Before it became worse, I thought of calling a reputed vendor to take a look at the issue. After in-depth online research and considering a few recommendations I went ahead with Aplus Appliance Repair. I called in their North Vancouver number and explained my case. Immediately their in-house team allocated one engineer to visit my residence on the same day. The engineer came in the same day afternoon and thoroughly checked my dishwasher. He diagnosed the problem correctly and suggested some spare parts change. I immediately agreed, and my dishwasher was back to normal in the next hour. It was a service experience, and I recommend Aplus Appliance Repair to everyone with home appliance issue.
Eric BerryHome Owner
I use my washing machine almost every day. One such day it stopped functioning correctly and started emitting strange noise. I tried to sort out the problems all by myself but could not do it. My friends suggested taking help of a professional repair vendor. After going through positive Google and Facebook reviews, I chose to go ahead with Aplus Appliance Repair Port Coquitlam. They not only solved the issue of my washing machine on time but also changed some damaged spare parts which were causing trouble. Their expertise in understanding the issue and resolving it with 100% accuracy amazed me. I always recommend their service to all my friends and colleagues.
Donna RobertsonHome Owner
I am operating cold storage in Burnaby and had refrigerator and freezers of different formats across the operating unit. A recent power outage caused some of the freezers to malfunction, and I had to fix it to save my business quickly. After a thorough scanning of online channels like Google and Yelp, I finalized the Aplus Appliance Repair. Their engineers were prompt and did a detailed analysis of the damaged freezers. They conducted a step by step diagnosis and could identify the exact problem. The solution was wholesome and appropriate for my kind of situation. I was extremely satisfied by the professional and customer focused approach of the Aplus Appliance Repair. I recommend their service to any commercial and residential setups.
Julian BarlowHome Owner
We use our washing machine almost every day including the dryer but never thought of any AMC. I felt a reputed brand wouldn’t break down so fast. Our perception was wrong as my dryer started shrieking with a loud noise on a Friday morning. I had to get it fixed soon. After brisk browsing of the internet, I came across the profile of Aplus Appliance Repair and called in their office number. They immediately allocated an engineer to deal with the mess. He came in next half an hour and took another 45 minutes to resolve the issue with a few spare parts replacement. I was immensely satisfied with the prompt response and the speed of resolution. Their service is highly recommended.
Dustin BarringerHome Owner
My dishwasher was not functioning correctly for 5-6 days. I got it checked by a local appliance repair agency, but they couldn’t identify the exact issue. After that, I drilled down to several online platforms to find out a suitable vendor. Finally, I came across the profile of Aplus Appliance Repair and chose to take their service. I immediately called in their Burnaby service center number and booked an engineer visit. The engineer came to my residence the same day, correctly diagnosed the problem and changed the spare parts to restore it fully. I was impressed by the timeliness and professionalism of Aplus Appliance Repair and highly recommended their service to anyone looking for home appliance repair.
Christopher DawesHome Owner
My dryers started malfunctioning last Sunday. And I had to get it fixed quickly. After reading different social media networks, online reviews and recommendations of my friends and family members I selected Aplus Appliance Repair to repair my dryer. I was surprised to see their professionalism in assigning service engineer and getting the issue attended and resolved on the same day. Their attention to details, understanding of the underlying problems and solution-focused approach, really surprised me. I strongly recommend their service to everyone.
Jose ShawHome Owner
I always believed in resolving my household appliance issues by myself, all thanks to my engineering background. But, this time I failed miserably in diagnosing the problem in my washing machine. After giving multiple tries, I thought of calling a reputed repair service provider to check the problem. After talking a few of my friends, I chose to go ahead with Aplus Appliance Repair for their industry-wide reputation. I must say I was delighted by their approach, speed of resolution and precision in the solution. Their service engineer was well skilled and resolved the problem on time. I recommend Aplus Appliance Repair to everyone looking for a trusted repair solution vendor in North Vancouver.
Linda HeadrickHome Owner
I have a multipurpose electrical oven at my residence. While making some savory dishes for my guests on the last weekends, my oven suddenly stopped working. I tried to resolve the problem with the best of my knowledge but couldn’t do it. Finally, I had to resort to the expertise of the Aplus Appliance Repair, the most reputed appliance repair vendor of Surrey. I had confidence in their abilities as I came across their knowledge with some of my friends. They were prompt to allocate a service engineer at my place. The engineer arrived at my residence within 45 minutes of my call. He was quick to diagnose the problem, understood the extent of it and resolved on the same day. I was more than happy and will select their services in the future as well.
Carol JohnsonHome Owner
I was looking to give an Annual Maintenance contract of my dishwasher to a reputed vendor. There was no one better than Aplus Appliance Repair in this domain in Richmond. I called their centralized number and expressed my requirement. They sent an executive at my residence on the same day and got me signed up for AMC. I must say their executive was thoroughly professional and told me the benefits of AMC step by step. I readily agreed on that and never had to look back ever since. Their timeliness, process knowledge, and innovative approach impressed me. I thank and appreciate Aplus Appliance Repair for their effort.
Sherry BauerHome Owner

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Aplus Appliance Repair is a reliable Canadian appliance repair company proudly serving its loyal customers for more than ten years. We strive to have a professional work delivery to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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